Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers 2017

With the dawn of cloud, the nuances of IT infrastructure have been instilled with a wave of fluidity and convenience where mission-critical components, such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts, work seamlessly for overall effectiveness of business process. Emerging technologies such as virtualization, SDN, and the trend towards web-scale IT are helping enterprises to create the agile and flexible IT infrastructure to meet the changing demands of the customers and the market. Many businesses are embracing these technologies to drive their cloud and virtualization initiatives, and to reinvent the traditional models that manage IT operations through manpower and static tools, and prepare themselves for the better business opportunities.

Cloud is certainly the key facilitator for dynamic, responsive virtual network infrastructure, as it has already transferred traditional IT to deliver scalable, cost-effective and flexible solutions, regardless of the myriad debates on se­curity issues. Cloud infrastructure is solely based on virtualization, where mul­tiple resources appear in a single repository—improving the network perfor­mance, ensuring information flow is processed in an undisruptive way among the users, as well as meeting the organizational requirements both in speed and reliability with less operational cost.

The market is replete with solution providers who are building competitive products that will help their clients scale their workloads and ease business operations with this wave of disruptive innovation where cloud acts as a catalyst. In order to assist the CIOs recognize the right cloud solution providers, IT Infra World presents “Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers 2017.”

A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts along with the editorial board of IT Infra World has selected the Top 10 Cloud Solution Providers 2017. The listing provides a look into how these companies are helping clients build flexible and secure infrastructure with cost-effective cloud solutions.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Amazon Provides Amazon Web Services - a highly reliable, scalable and cost-effective cloud platform that empowers numerous businesses across the globe
Cirba Provider of hybrid capacity analytics software enabling automated, software-defined control over infrastructure resources
Equinix Offers exceptional IaaS and Paas based cloud infrastructure and managed cloud services
Fujitsu Provides cloud solutions that meet the customer's evergrowing need for security, data regulation and business agility
IBM Delivers hybrid cloud management portfolio of solutions that helps enterprises effectively manage their IT resources
Microsoft Provides innovative and secure cloud solutions such as the Microsoft Cloud and Azure to drive businesscritical operations
NTT Communications Providers of best-in-class and scalable cloud services that steers organizations towards digital business transformation
Rackspace Offers managed cloud services for businesses by delivering user-friendly tools, and support for leading technologies developed by AWS
Virtustream Cloud software and service provider helping enterprises migrate and run mission-critical applications on the cloud
VMWare Provides a cloud infrastructure to help enterprises adopt a software-defined approach to manage business processes