Atlantic.Net: Simple and User-friendly Cloud Hosting Services

CIO VendorManoj Puranik, CEO
Back in the pre-cloud environment, organizations took months to increase the capacity of their existing services; the server utilization rate was low; and their recovery and backup plans were inefficient. However, the advent of cloud computing services have brought in efficiencies by way of reduced capital costs and increased business flexibility. Established in 1995, Atlantic.Net is the brainchild of two students from the University of Florida, which enables businesses to provision cloud servers in seconds on a highly redundant hardware platform, scale cloud servers with ease, and save significant time and money. The Florida-based firm delivers cloud hosting and dedicated hosting solutions to simplify complex technologies and build a trusted brand. “Our advanced features like scalable servers, daily backup, RAID redundant storage, and guaranteed CPU cycles provide reliable and secure hosting services,” says Manoj Puranik, the CEO of Atlantic.Net.

Backed by over twenty years of computing and networking experience, Puranik says, “Our cloud services allow you to deploy Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD servers in seconds.” Whether users require one or thousands of servers, Atlantic.Net’s cloud infrastructure accommodates all the on-demand cloud computing needs instantly. These cloud servers are built with 100 percent enterprise SSD storage. “By signing up as a cloud hosting member with us, our clients can receive 24/7/365 live support to their problems through phone, chat, and email,” notes Puranik.

Atlantic.Net guarantees 100 percent network uptime service level agreement (SLA), which includes functioning of all network infrastructures such as routers, switches, and cabling. In case it takes more than 30 minutes to resolve the network issue from the time the trouble ticket is issued, Atlantic.Net credits five percent of the monthly usage fee for each additional 30 minutes of downtime. With Atlantic.Net’s cloud hosting, every server created has its own kernel.

Our Cloud Services allow you to deploy Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD servers in seconds

“In contrast, many providers offer their users a shared kernel, significantly reducing the amount of control customers have over their server environments,” says Puranik.

Additionally, Atlantic.Net’s delivers a comprehensive set of custom dedicated hosting services. With Atlantic.Net, customer’s network infrastructure, applications and systems are maintained within an enterprise-class data center by top notch seasoned engineers. In the present day competitive economy, businesses often take about 17 minutes to take a server off-line; however, working with Atlantic.Net, a user can perform the same activity in less than 10 seconds, which will not only complete the task more quickly, but also at a lower-cost. “We also provide optional backup, where we can create a backup for our customer’s entire site, applications, and any other elements of their network,” extols Puranik.

“Our differentiation lies in delivering a competitive pricing, as our cloud servers are reasonably priced,” affirms Puranik. Atlantic.Net’s cloud servers are provisioned in real time within seconds, thus boosting efficiency and affordability while the firm’s state-of-the-art security ensures server deletions are clean and total.

In its recent announcement on expansion of their network peering, Atlantic.Net plans to enhance its backbone infrastructure and add additional bandwidth. “Our latest network peering and infrastructure enhancements have enabled us to provide our clients the best value without compromising quality,” concludes Puranik. Furthermore, having data centers in San Francisco, Dallas, Orlando, New York, and Toronto, the company has plans to further open data centers in London and Singapore in the years to come.