DOSarrest Internet Security: Securing Ecommerce Websites from DDoS Attacks

CIO VendorJag Bains, CTO
Adoption of technologies like cloud, and big data, come along with numerous challenges pertaining to security and performance. Internet security has grown to become of paramount importance for businesses across various sectors. Currently it has been hampered by a steady tide of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, as well as the rise of hybrid attacks—attack tools that spread through multiple means, such as the web, e-mail, file sharing and instant messaging. To help mitigate these problems, Vancouver, Canada based DOSarrest Internet Security has designed a globally distributed cloud-based mitigation service that provides carrier-grade service that ensures an organization’s web infrastructure remains intact. “We’re leveraging our 10 years of experience and expertise in mitigating DDoS attacks to provide our customers a framework for securing their operations,” begins Jag Bains, CTO, DOSarrest Internet Security

DOSarrest’s cloud based DDoS protection services tackle the ever-growing DDoS attacks that cripple a host of ecommerce websites in a wide range of business segments that include financial, health, media, education, and government. DOSarrest’s affordable, easy to deploy, cloud based security services offer DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Vulnerability Testing and Optimization (VTO), and DOSarrest External Monitoring Service (DEMS). DOSarrest’s DDoS protection service is a real world tested method or technique to avoid DDoS attacks. It allows the DOSarrest’s team to analyze attacks and create custom rule-sets which can be applied to the customer’s infrastructure to provide 24/7 protection from DDoS attacks. WAF allows customers to not only block any layer 7 threats but also to define rule-sets that may be specific to one or more applications running on their web server. The website VTO service is a comprehensive test to find any vulnerability in the site’s coding, as well as analyze the structure of the website to optimize better performance for a safer and better web experience.

We are not only protecting clients from DDoS attacks but also assisting a customer’s IT operations to secure their in-house web servers

DEMS is a website monitoring service designed to ensure the highest degree of stability and performance for all the geographic regions from which they broadcast. “We are not only protecting clients from DDoS attacks but also assisting a customer’s IT operations to secure their in-house web servers,” extols Bains.

The DOSarrest team understands the clients’ demands and offers customized services to help them overcome a wide range of challenges in foreign exchange, management systems and more. For instance, Moneycorp, a foreign exchange company is using DDoS protection from DOSarrest Internet Security to safeguard its website and customer transactions from the destructive DDoS attacks. Upon using DOSarrest’s Proxy Defense, Moneycorp is defended from DDoS attacks 24/7, backed by a specialist team that ensures Moneycorp’s website stays up and running. “Because DOSarrest is a fully managed service, our IT staffs are not burdened with issues related to DDoS attacks, which means they can focus their efforts on the core business–a huge relief with our limited IT resources,” says Kenneth Byrne, head of IT Services at Moneycorp.

DOSarrest understands their customer’s needs, bringing value at every step of their relationship. The company strives to be more flexible and agile in their methodology while developing next-generation technology that enables the creation of cloud-based DDoS protection services at a broader level. In the coming years, DOSarrest will be consistently evaluating new best of breed technology and continue to expand across Asia and Europe.