Evolve IP: Meeting Infrastructure Needs with Advanced Cloud Services

CIO VendorGuy Fardone, President, COO & Founding Partner
As the rondure of business is burgeoning and expanding every day, the concept of an ideal infrastructure is lacking base in reality and leading to abstraction. The present scenario of IT infrastructure is plagued with numerous obstacles–expensive, complex, old and traditional, inefficient and obsolete. The need for optimization of IT infrastructure has brought cloud computing in the picture for scalability, reliability, security and cost-effectiveness. However, implementation of cloud has its own set of challenges. CIOs need to meet the requirements of infrastructure for a dependable workflow and Evolve IP is helping them with the same. “We’ve built a unified platform to deliver the organizations with our cloud services primarily in the areas of cloud computing, communications and contact centers and security services,” said Guy Fardone, President, Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner, Evolve IP.

Evolve IP, offers distinguished cloud services enabling the organizations to migrate to a cloud platform. Bringing the wave of cloud adoption to customers, Evolve IP is benefitting the users with modern-day cloud offerings like anywhere-availability, flexible costing, enhanced mobility, faster disaster recovery, improved collaboration amongst others. Their consulting services deliver ultra-redundant configurations and solutions for improved utilization of IT assets whereas the advanced virtualization consulting has aided the business organizations to set up agile and flexible IT environment. An unparalleled service experience in server management, upgradation in networking, operation simplification, and security setting places the company amongst the elite in the space.

The on-premise virtualization using hybrid, hosted and private cloud deployments are meeting the unique requirements of businesses depending upon the amount of data they want to retain on-site and move the rest to cloud. The firm follows a 3-Core principle of storage, virtualization and networking that is reflected in the designs of the company ensuring scalability and reduced downtime for growing infrastructure.

We’ve built a unified platform to deliver the organizations with our cloud services primarily in the areas of cloud computing, communications and contact centers and security services

In the view of on-premise virtualization, the company extends suitable virtualization offerings or can help them build their own cloud. For organizations that are not compelled to move everything to cloud, the company’s Hybrid Cloud Solution serves as the right fit. The Private Cloud services help customers in creating replica of their environment and designs a solution ensuring minimal degradation in a situation of power outage and networking issue.

Leveraging the experience of senior engineers, Evolve IP ensures leading-edge security and manages growth of businesses with productive storage solutions at reduced costs without compromising on the quality. The company’s expertise in the arena of networking, virtualization, connectivity, and storage (SAN) has aided many organizations to improve their IT infrastructure. As per Tim Brough, Information Technology Manager at Virgin, associating with Evolve IP has witnessed a reduction in the monthly cost of the company by 15 percent thereby improving operational efficiency. The firm’s ultra-redundant configurations are supported with technologies from Cisco, VMware, HP, 3PAR, Arista, Aruba, and Juniper.

The award-winning cloud platform of the company serves as a unified option for structured cloud services. “We want to leverage the foundation and infrastructure within the various industries and take it to the next step. And we made a bet not to provide one or two cloud services but multiple cloud services,” added Fardone. These services find superiority over the legacy systems where business organizations need to re-invest on their systems over a period of time. The delivered Cloud services have a blend of stability, scalability, security and reduced costs that help in freeing up IT resources and this saves money on ownership. Today, over 1,300 businesses and 100,000 customers benefit from Evolve IP cloud services like virtual desktops, virtual servers, unified communications, disaster recovery, contact centers, and more.