Iland: Delivering Enterprise-proven Cloud Services

CIO VendorScott Sparvero, Co-founder & CEO
Technology now is much more fluid with application architectures becoming more distributed and harder to keep track of. Driven largely by the explosion of data along with the rise of mobile and the cloud, today’s IT infrastructure is undergoing a major shift. In such a scenario, companies face heightened data and security challenges that make them a viable, appealing alternative. iland enables IT to confidently move forward with cloud IaaS and DRaaS initiatives. It delivers enterprise cloud solutions helping companies to do business faster, smarter and more flexibly with data centers and security capabilities that make them a viable, appealing alternative. The firm’s Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) Console portal gives customers the transparency that is needed to minimize unpredictable cost, performance, and compliance issues, plaguing many companies today. The ECS Console helps to view costs at a granular level, from virtual data center right down to an individual VM (Virtual Machine). Managing cloud resources becomes easy with the ECS Console. From every screen, full text searching enables rapid identification of workloads, allowing more efficient isolation of issues and resolution of problems.

iland’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering combines the familiarity of a VMware-based cloud with the flexibility of a global data center footprint. iland strives to curate a complete cloud offering bringing together the best of breed technologies—both hardware and software—to support enterprise workloads. With the isolation and flexibility of a virtual private cloud, the firm takes multi-layered approach in securing workloads.

iland creates alerts for performance and cost criteria at the VM level for greater control of resource usage and to reduce the likelihood of an overage. With iland’s technology and consultative approach, customers experience the benefits of a hassle-free cloud environment. In addition, iland provides hosting and colocation to customers with 24×7 uptime and redundant connectivity.

Through IaaS, businesses can encompass connectivity to an on-premises data center that they can operate themselves

“We provide professional services that guide clients through cloud-based DR planning and advice on the optimal DR plan for organizations,” extols Scott Sparvero, CEO and Co-founder, iland Cloud Infrastructure. To meet the need that is driven by regulatory requirements, operational best practices, or peace of mind, many companies wants to extend the protection of disaster recovery to their cloud workloads and on-premise systems. VMware’s vCloud Connector plug-in links on-site data center with iland ECS enabling to move quickly from on-premise cloud to the iland’s provider— vCloud Air Network. It allows IT workloads to be replicated from virtual or physical environments to our advanced security cloud infrastructure. As a trusted leader in cloud-based DR, iland works together with customers to help craft a complete DR solution that meets cost requirements and risk tolerance.

“With our own servers, our client base seems to grow exponentially,” says Sparvero. In one instance, eMix, a medical information exchange company, approached iland as they were in need of adopting a cloud solution that would not only increase the reliability, availability, and scalability of its business services but would also be highly cost-effective. The company needed a cloud partner capable of running a virtualized enterprise that was highly scalable and always available. Using iland’s cloud platform, the company is now able to keep its own cost base down, helping to reduce the costs of the healthcare provider customers that it serves and, most importantly, helps to save patient lives.

“We are continually focused on bringing the latest innovative VMware technology to bear on the solutions we offer. We help organizations move towards cloud-based IT infrastructure easily,” concludes Sparvero.