Microland: Creating Hybrid IT Environments

The never-ending waves of innovation have transformed technology from being an enabler of business to being a central component of business. An enterprise’s need for responding to evolving business needs, ensuring full control of data still attaining the cost effectiveness derived from Cloud led to the conception and adoption of Hybrid IT environment. Since its inception in 1989, Microland has grown from being India’s first Hybrid IT Infrastructure Services provider to becoming a well-known name in its sphere, among established companies across the globe.

For any organization, the journey to Cloud setup is a critical one. Challenges such as zeroing on the right Cloud from a multitude of choices, migrating with proper resources, tools and expertise and retaining controls of the data may place organizations at cross-roads; finding the correct path is difficult and the wrong one may cast a disaster. Microland’s advisory service and Cloud workload migration services assists a company in selecting the right Cloud based on type of workloads and costs and ensures that the migration is smooth. Cost benefits from Cloud can take a wrong turn if not managed effectively, turning quite expensive.

The firm’s Cloud Readiness Assessment service is a service based on their Now2Cloud framework, aimed at addressing a client’s concerns regarding adoption of Cloud. Before leaping forward, a client gets better insight of the Cloud economics- -investments, benefits, and risks involved. This serves to the client, the end state architecture, deployment roadmap and business case for Cloud adoption.

Smart DevOps is an integrated and automated DevOps tool that helps organizations locate the right alignment between their expectations form DevOps and leveraging Cloud. This tool is built on AWS Cloud with self-service provisioning, custom blueprints & workflows, project budget control and more.

Similarly, to help companies extract the maximum from AWS Cloud and achieve 20 to 40 percent savings on their annual AWS spending, Microland focuses on increasing compliance and decreasing costs by deploying their SmartGovern tool; companies can realize savings from four to six weeks of implementation.

The value to a customer doesn’t lie just in designing and deploying a virtualization solution on a cloud platform

The company’s presence in the landscape has earned Microland the expertise in private cloud solutions around both VMware and Microsoft platforms. Pradeep Kar, Chairman and MD of Microland quotes “The value to a customer doesn’t lie just in designing and deploying a virtualization solution on a cloud platform. The customer will start seeing a lot of value and start realizing benefits only after the private cloud environment is integrated with the traditional IT setup and all the workflows are automated to make end-to-end provisioning faster.” As a part of the company’s Smart Orchestration framework, the team at Microland has built a repository of reusable connectors and workflows that make their services faster and better.

Microland boasts of a large number of satisfied customers. For a leading mobile insurance major in the U.S. Microland has built SDDC solution that has reduced customer on boarding time by over 90 percent, leading to significant revenue acceleration.

Explaining the roadmap ahead, Kar points to his company’s plans of investing to satisfy the evolving needs of customers specifically around Application Management, Hybrid IT Management, IT Operations Analytics, IoT, and Cyber Security.